Steven Wilson reveals plans for solo tour

, Staff

Steven Wilson has announced plans for his first ever solo tour in support of his brand new album, Grace for Drowning. The founder and guitarist of progressive rockers Porcupine Tree will hit Boston and deliver a performance at the Berklee Performance Center on Sunday, November 13. Tickets for the show, which range in price from $35 to $45, are now on sale through Ticketmaster.

Released last month, Grace for Drowning is a two-part album comprised of “Deform to Form a Star” and “Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye”. The recording is the first ever rock album to be released primarily as a Blu-Ray disc, with music in 5.1 surround sound and accompanying video with every song. The album, which follows his 2009 solo debut Insurgentes, mixes jazz with Wilson’s progressive style.

“Jazz is the forgotten element of that music,” Wilson said of progressive rock in a recent interview with Popmatters. “When bands play progressive rock now, it’s more clinical, it has that metal sound – and I’m including some of my own music in that category, too.”

“I like Grace for Drowning as a metaphor for my life,” Wilson said in the same interview. “I don’t really care anymore if I’m successful or if I’m going to be more successful than I am already. I’d still like to share my music with more people. But I’m not stressed about it. I’m making the best music I’ve ever made now because I feel totally liberated from trying to please anyone.”

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