Schedule set for Club Passim’s campfire. festival

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It started as a way to fill a bad booking weekend in 1998, but over the course of more than 10 years, the campfire. Festival has become the one of Club Passim’s signature events. Celebrating the extensive homegrown talent the region has to offer, the festival runs from Friday night through Monday night at the historic club in Harvard Square.

Originally called, “On the Cutting Edge of the Campfire,” the festival combined the idea of artists sitting around the campfire playing music with our commitment to bringing new talent to discerning listeners. Today, the campfire. festival (known simply now as campfire.) is as much about the community as it is about the music. Along with solo and full band sets, the weekend features a plethora of “in the round” performances with songwriters sharing the stage as the trade tunes and tell stories together.

Among the many highlights scheduled for this weekend at campfire. is a set from  Will Dailey, Sonya Kitchell and Chrissi Poland on Saturday night. Earlier in the day at 10 a.m., the three will lead a panel discussion on crowd funding in the ever-changing landscape of the independent music business.

The complete schedule with estimated set times for this weekend’s campfire. festival is available below. Tickets for the festival are available in advance or at the door for $10 per a day. A full weekend pass can also be purchased for $30.

Along with Memorial Day weekend, Club Passim’s campfire. festival also takes place over Labor Day weekend in September.

Club Passim’s campfire. festival – Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

6:00  – The Second Hands
6:45  – As The Sparrow
7:30  – Christoph Krey, Kate Klim, Jake Hill
8:45  – T.H.E.M.
9:45  – The Wednesdays
10:30 – Amy Correia, Kimon Kirk, David Champagne, Corin Ashley

12:00 – June & The Bee
12:45 – Jean Rohe
1:30  – Kellen Zakula
2:15  – Fiona Luray, Hayley Reardon, Paige Chaplin,Jake Lewis
3:45  – Jake Klar, Anna Rae, Joe Young, Nate Leavitt
5:15  – Hoot and Holler
6:00  – Liz Wood
6:45  – Anjimile
7:30  – “PledgeMusic Round” with Will Dailey, Sonya Kitchell, Chrissi Poland
9:00  – Fideles
9:45  – Andrew Kerr, Lloyd Thayer, Peter Katz, Connor Garvey
11:15 – Mike Block

12:00 – Blues Ensemble
12:45 – Reverend Freakchild
1:30  – Jack Devereaux
2:15  – Rabbit In The Rye
3:00  – Camela Widad
3:45  – Lloyd Thayer
4:30  – Lottie & the Manatee
5:15  – The Beerworth Sisters
6:o0  – Mark Kilianski
6:45  – Wishbone Zoe
7:30  – Linda Draper, Kat Quinn, Jean Rohe, Rachel McCartney
9:00  – Mark Whitaker
9:45  – Matt Wheeler, Brad Cole, Max Garcia Conover
11:00 – Jaggery


12:00 – Sarah Green, Zoe Sundra, Annalise Emerick, Hadley Kennary
1:30  – Hannah Williams, Rachael Kilgour, Sam Cook-Stuntz
2:45  – Satoru Nakagawa
3:30  – Clara Berry & Wooldog
4:15  – Beth Colegrove
5:00  – Wishbone Zoe
5:45  – The Suitcase Junket
6:30  – Ed Romanoff, Andrew Kerr, Audrey Ryan, Caitlin Canty
8:00  – Emily Peal
8:45  – Ariel + the Undertow
9:30  – Lina Tullgren, Eva Walsh, Kellen Zakula, Mark Whitaker

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