Roger Hodgson to hit New England on first stateside tour

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Roger Hodgson will bring his “Breakfast in America” tour to New England this summer as part of his first solo band tour of the United States. The former vocalist and songwriter of Supertramp will make local stops in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Hodgson will hit New Hampshire for a performance at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on Thursday, August 16. Tickets for the show, which range in price from $30 to $70, are now on sale through Ticketmaster. The following night, he’ll make his way south to Rhode Island for a show at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln. Tickets for the show, which range in price from $45 to $100, are now on sale through Ticketmaster.

On the tour, which has already made its way through Europe and Canada, Hodgson will deliver a set of Supertramp classics and solo material. Hodgson, who left Supertramp in 1983, named the tour after Supertramp’s 1979 hit album.

“It connects the dots for people that I was the guy who sang those songs — ‘The Logical Song,’ ‘Breakfast in America,’ ‘Take the Long Way Home,’ ‘Dreamer’” explained Hodgson in a recent interview with Billboard. “People everywhere know my voice, know the songs, the songs are still played all over the radio, yet you say Roger Hodgson and they say ‘Roger who?’ That’s been the hardest job, to tell the truth.”

Also in the interview with Billboard, Hodgson confirmed that though there had been talks of a Supertramp reunion to commemorate their 40th anniversary in 2010, “the door was closed there”.


  1. Indelibrella says:

    New England, you’re in for a very special evening. I’ve attended many concerts through the years, but I can tell you that experiencing Roger live transcends everything I’ve ever felt about live performances. His music has delighted people from all over the world and continues to do so today. After many years of success, not only with Supertramp but solo as well, it’s a rare treat to have him performing on these shores.

    Roger has a unique way of uniting people on multiple levels through his music. Looking around the audience, people are smiling, laughing, clapping, closing their eyes, hugging, singing along, and even shedding a few tears as the memories come flooding back. Roger shares more than just his talent at these shows. There is an incredible heart up there onstage.

    That said, don’t just take my word for it. It’s something you need to experience for yourself. You’ll be so glad you did.

    For more information on Roger Hodgson, please visit his official website at

  2. sabishld says:

    The magic continues, we are so very fortunate Roger has offered us so many opportunities to experience him performing live right here in the Unitied States for the 2012 touring season. His music is not just notes or words that Roger creates, he forms the composition inside, when he feels it’s the right time brings them forth, offering us a glimpse of his heart and soul.

    As a face in the sea before him, you quickly understand his compositions are something that quickly finds their way into your soul as if he has written them just for you………

    So, go…….travel…………for if you attend just one concert of Roger Hodgson’s, you will be hooked and want to hear more. His soft spoken, candid, humble presences puts you at ease and then he starts to sing. His voice sounds better than ever! You have no doubt who he is performing for, the sea of faces before him, his fans. What do you feel, love.

    Check out his current tour concert offerings:

    You will never forget the evening you spent with Roger, never……

  3. ImagineAllTheColours says:

    The concerts of Roger Hodgson are unique, magical & unforgettable! I saw him last September and found myself immersed in the most ethereal music. His voice resonates deeply in your mind, heart & soul and quickly takes you back to the first times you heard those songs on the radio. Roger’s instantly recognizable melodies and signature Wurlitzer piano sound help you realize that he was truly the essence of Supertramp & the creator of the songs we feel so deeply about, such as Dreamer, Child of Vision, Hide In Your Shell, In Jeopardy (only to name a few!) Roger is the definition of a true artist, his warm connection with the fans & the audience between songs makes you feel like a close friend. Every song really feels like he is singing it specially for you! You only have to experience his concert once to understand why you find yourself dreaming of the next one :) It’s a lot of fun to follow him on his tour on Facebook!
    Come along too, come along right, come a long way… sing it tonight :)

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