Mogwai map stateside tour

, Staff

After planning and then cancelling a tour of North America twice in 2011, Mogwai is scheduled to finally make their way to the US this summer. The Scottish post-rockers will cross the pond and perform at Boston’s House of Blues on Saturday, June 16. Tickets for the show are now on sale through Live Nation for $25.

The veteran rockers will be touring in support of their new album, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. The album, the band’s seventh studio effort and first since 2008’s The Hawk Is Howling, was released in February of 2011. Hardcore was produced by Mogwai confidante Paul Savage, who previously worked with the band on 1997’s Mogwai Young Team. The band also released a limited edition deluxe version of Hardcore with a second disc featuring an epic 23-minute song, called “Music for a Forgotten Future (The Singing Mountain)”, which is not on the album.

“We can’t apologise enough to the people who arranged travel and bought tickets to see us,” said frontman Stuart Braithwaite in a press release. “Both of these postponements were completely out with our control and the shows would not have been postponed if there was anyway possible to make them happen. That said we realise fully how disappointed people were who had bought tickets only to find out very close to the shows that we were postponing.”

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