Liz Phair to play the Paradise

, Staff

Liz Phair has revealed plans for a handful of East Coast shows next month, including a stop in Boston. The veteran indie rocker will make her way to the Hub for a show at the Paradise Rock Club on Wednesday, December 16. Tickets for the 18+ show are now on sale through Ticketmaster for $22.50. Hometown favorites The Everyday Visuals will open the show.

In July, Phair released her first album in five years. Funstyle, her sixth studio effort, was originally self-released digitally through Phair’s official website in July and then on CD format in October. The CD version has been packaged with a bonus disc containing ten songs from her famed Girly Sound tapes. Dave Matthews plays guitar on a handful of tracks on Funstyle.

Funstyle is said to me very experimental, leading many to ask how she will perform the new material live. In a recent interview with Pollstar, Phair admitted that it’s “obviously something we’ve been trying to wrap our heads around. A lot of this stuff is heavy on the synthesizer and it’s not really easy to create live unless there’s some kind of major operation. You’d have to have multiple loops and more than one person working them. And I’m not even sure even then if you’re going to be able to do justice to them.”

She went on to explain, “So what we really try to do is find songs like ‘Oh Bangladesh’ or ‘And He Slayed Her’ that can be broken down into a rock song and performed that way. It’s amazing how well they translate. Surprising, in fact. ‘Bangladesh’ is a great song on the record but it’s not the most powerful one. But live it is.”

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