Kenny Chesney gives fans a new look with 3D film

A review of "Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D"

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Kenny Chesney won’t be coming to Gillette Stadium this summer but fans can still see the king of country perform at the home of the New England Patriots thanks to his new film, “Summer in 3D”. Released this past Wednesday, the film captures Chesney rocking several stadiums as part of his 2009 tour and is an absolute must see for any Chesney fan.

“Summer in 3D” was filmed at six of Chesney’s football stadium gigs during last summer’s Sun City Carnival tour: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, Indianapolis and of course good ole Foxboro. U2 were the first (and best) at using 3D technology to deliver a concert film and Chesney was wise to use the same company. The results are sure to please Chesney fans who are given various views to experience the concert from. The film captures the shows from as high as the Goodyear blimp to as close as literally being on stage with the Chesney and his band. Perhaps most intriguing is the amount of screen time Chesney gives his backing band, which as stellar as they are seem to go unnoticed by many in person. Like most 3D music films so far, the strength of the 3D footage varies from moments of brilliance to standard 2D like presentation, which may come across as a letdown for more casual observers.

Though it lacks the features “U2-3D” was able to deliver in the IMAX setting, Chesney’s take is more than just a standard concert film. Yes, over the course of 90 minutes you will still find fans joining in sing-alongs of hits like “Living In Fast Forward” or “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” that sound great thanks to a perfectly clear mix, but “Summer in 3D” offers fans another look at the country music superstar. His desire was  present his “journey” from honkeytonk bars to massive football stadiums and so the film’s concert footage is broken up nicely with various segments where Chesney recalls various moments and influences from his 17-year career. The segments are augmented by old film footage and photographs.

Boston fans will be happy to find that Gillette Stadium is used as the backdrop fro most of the film and Chesney surprisingly even included “She’s From Boston”, a song that he only plays once a year for his faithful New England fans. Chesney also includes a special appearance by songwriter Mac McAnally in Seattle for “Down the Road” and “Back Where I Come From”. He closes the film with a touching rendition of “Better As A Memory” from his final show in Indianapolis, where the crowd takes over as he overcome with emotion.

The one glaring and annoying problem with “Summer in 3D” is that each song contains footage from multiple shows and while some is fused together better than others, there are still moments where Chesney is strutting along a catwalk that goes from being filled with balloon and beach balls to nothing or picking up souvenirs from adoring fans to then having nothing in his hands.

So if you feel yourself going through Chesney withdrawals as he takes a break from touring this year, be sure to check out “Summer In 3D” on the big screen soon. The film is being show daily in the shadows of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro at the Showcase Cinema De Lux at Patriot Place, as well as several other theaters across the region through May 2.

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