Incubus’ Brandon Boyd to tour with new project

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With Incubus on an indefinite hiatus, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has revealed plans to hit the road with new project. Brandon Boyd and Sons of The Sea will make their way to Massachusetts for a show at the Paradise Rock Club on Friday, January 31. Tickets for the show are now on sale through Ticketmaster for $20.

Brandon Boyd and Sons of The Sea released their self-titled debut album in September. The project grew out of the long relationship between legendary producer Brendan O’Brien, who in addition to Incubus has produced Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, The Killers, Rage Against the Machine and more. Boyd, who had never written with anyone other than his Incubus bandmates, contributed vocals and lyrics, while O’Brien performed most of the music, with an assist from go-to rock session drummer Josh Freese.

In a press release, Boyd described his and O’Brien’s collaboration as more accessible and “song-based” than Incubus material. “[We were] two artists who had worked together before, but now in a completely different context,” he said. “Every song we worked on was different from the next one. It was a process of continual discovery.”

The full-length album follows Sons of the Sea’s debut EP Compass, which was released in June. It features lead single “Come Together (streaming below), as well as a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”.

Boyd’s lone previous solo release was 2010’s The Wild Trapeze. Aside from his musical endeavors, the California native has focused on visual art and writing in recent years. Earlier this year, he published his third book entitled “So The Echo” featuring a collection of his ink drawings, watercolors, collages, photography and writing from the past four years.

On the upcoming tour, Boyd will be backed by a full band. O’Brien is not expected to participate.

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