Ghostland Observatory to play the House of Blues

, Staff

Ghostland Observatory have announced plans to hit Massachusetts later this year in support of their new album, Codename: Rondo. The duo of Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner will play Boston’s House of Blues on Thursday, September 15. Tickets for the show will go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. through Live Nation for $23 and $25.

Released last October, Codename: Rondo is Ghostland’s fourth studio effort since the Texan duo formed in 2003. It follows 2008’s Robotique Majestique and has been described as a fusion of electro, soul, funk and rock elements. “We just started making music to have fun and to do a live experiment and not worry about if people love it or hate it, or if it fits in with what people are making right now or whatever, you know?” Thomas said in a recent interview with Consequence of Sound. “You just gotta make music that you enjoy making.”

Ghostland Observatory strove to write songs using fewer, quality sounds rather than layering on the effects. Thomas cited Boston’s The Cars as an influence for this change in the band’s sound. “When you listen to The Cars, you know, that’s as ancient as it gets, but they’re not using a lot of sounds,” he said. “They’re using a few sounds and the ones they use, they count. They make those sounds count, and they stand out, and they have a character…I’m a huge fan of stripped down minimal music, whether it’s electronic or dance or whatever; just minimal.”

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