Gary Numan maps special fall tour

, Staff

Gary Numan has announced plans for a a special tour this fall to celebrate the re-issue and 30th anniversary of his seminal album The Pleasure Principle. The electronic pop music pioneer will make his way to Boston for a show at the Paradise Rock Club on Friday, October 22. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster for $25.

On the tour, Numan will be performing The Pleasure Principle in its entirety. Released in 1979, the album reached the top 20 but would later be acclaimed for pioneering electronic pop music with its use of synthesizers instead of guitars and conventional song structure. The Pleasure Principle‘s success was due largely to its Top 10, unforgettable hit “Cars”. The show will also feature material all across Numan’s career, as well as tracks from his upcoming album, Splinter.

This is Numan’s first time back on the road since 2006’s tour in support of Jagged. He was set to return to the spotlight earlier this year but unfortunately missed his slot at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival this past April due to volcano eruption, which block air traffic all across Europe.

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