Foster the People to pump up Boston in September

, Staff

Foster the People will return to Boston next month as part of their ongoing tour of North America. The band will make its way to Boston for a show at the House of Blues on Thursday, September 29 at the House of Blues. Tickets for the show, which will also feature Cults and Reptar, are now on sale through Live Nation for $20 through Live Nation.

The California-based trio, comprised of  Mark Foster, Cubby Fink and Mark Pontius, continue to tour in support of their full-length debut album, Torches. Released in May and fueled by hit single “Pumped Up Kicks”, the album has reached #8 on the Billboard 200 and topped both the Billboard Rock and Alternative Albums charts. The video for “Pumped Up Kicks” is streaming below.

“The cool thing about that album is I think it really represents who we are as a band,” said bassist Cubbie Fink in an interview with KROQ in Pasadena earlier this year. “In a lot of ways, the music is fresh, but at the same time it has a weird familiarity; it feels like you’ve heard it before because it’s pulling from some many different places.”

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