Dropkick Murphys announce plans for new album

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The Dropkick Murphys have revealed plans for the release of their highly anticipated forthcoming album. Going Out In Style, the Boston band’s seventh full-length studio album and first in over three years, will hit stores on March 1 through their own Born & Bred Records. Produced by Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly), Going Out In Style is a concept album that features a guest spot from Bruce Springsteen.

Going Out In Style
traces the journey of Cornelius Larkin. “Cornelius has passed on to the other side, and the album becomes a retrospective of his life,” explained bassist/vocalist and founding member Ken Casey. “He’s one of those guys who immigrated to America at 16, got drafted into the Korean War, married young, had nine kids, worked hard, and lived a full life rife with different characters, ups and downs, and trials and tribulations. Some of the stories are fictional, but most are odes to our grandparents, friends, and loved ones.”

On the new album, the Dropkick Murphys team up with the legendary Bruce Springsteen for the band’s spirited take on the old standard “Peg O’ My Heart”. “It has a classic old fifties rock and roll feel,” explained Casey. “Both of my grandmothers are named Peg. One grandmother, Peg Casey, is always saying, ‘When are you going to do that song? Your grandfather always sang it to me!’ The time signature changed, so hopefully they still appreciate it when they hear it.”

Going Out In Style‘s title track features guest vocals by NOFX’s Fat Mike, The Living End’s Chris Cheney and Rescue Me mainstay, actor/comedian Lenny Clarke. For Going Out In Style is comprised of 13 tracks ans clocks in at just under 46 minutes. The artwork for the album is pictured at the right and the complete track listing is available below.

Frontman Al Barr described the band’s evolution on the new album by stating, “As you progress in your career, you want to challenge yourself and never make the same record twice. This album was different because we were telling someone’s story. Yes, it starts with a rowdy out-of-control wake. As the story goes back to explore the long life of the character Cornelius, we really started to become engrossed in the story and life of this man.”

However, the Dropkicks felt that there was no way to tell a man’s whole story in just 13 songs. In order to round that story out, the band enlisted the help of their friend, author Michael Patrick MacDonald (All Souls, Easter Rising) to write a full obituary for Cornelius Larkin in the album’s liner notes, along with the beginnings of a more extensive narrative about the album’s main character for listeners to delve into. MacDonald became immensely engrossed in the character’s development, particularly as Cornelius began to take on elements of MacDonald’s own family history. At that point, according to the band, the story grew into a much longer saga that will be available on the their website in conjunction with the album release. The story could also evolve into a book sometime in 2011.

Casey elaborated in a press release, explaining, “I wrote an outline which began leading to songs. At the same time, I wanted the obituary to have that author’s flair, a little more description, a more detailed narrative, and a deeper story. Michael listened to the songs we’d written, and he fleshed out the story and really put a name and a face on the character. It’s a unique approach and a unique partnership. The songs inspire the story, and the story inspires the songs. It’s a deep record, and it celebrates a life”.

Fans will be able to celebrate with the Dropkick Murphys during the band’s spring tour and homecoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which will include three shows at the House of Blues in Boston and one night at the Tsongas Arema in Lowell.

The full track listing for Going Out In Style is as follows:

1. Hang ‘Em High
2. Going Out In Style
3. The Hardest Mile
4. Cruel
5. Memorial Day
6. Climbing A Chair To Bed
7. Broken Hymns
8. Deeds Not Words
9. Take ‘Em Down
10. Sunday Hardcore Matinee
11. 1953
12. Peg O’ My Heart
13. The Irish Rover

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