Dropkick Murphys plan benefit with State Radio

, Staff

Dropkick Murphys have announced plans for a very special benefit concert for the victims of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings. Joined by fellow hometown favorites State Radio and Big D & The Kids Table, the show is scheduled to take place Sunday afternoon at the House of Blues. Also on the bill are The Parkington Sisters, Old Brigade and Barroom Heroes. Tickets for the show will go on sale today at 2 p.m. through Ticketmaster for $25 and $45.

Sunday’s concert will be a special daytime matinee show, so that entire families can attend. Doors will open at 12:30 p.m., and the first band will start at 1 p.m. All proceeds from the event will go toward helping victims of the bombings, their families and communities. The funds will be disbursed directly to those affected by the tragedy through the band’s charity, The Claddagh Fund, which is a nationally-recognized official 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to “serve the most vulnerable in our communities”.

The concert is a part of Dropkick Murphys’ 3-stage plan for their “For Boston” movement. The first stage was a special t-shirt, which can be purchased through the band’s website for $24.99 or $26.99 (depending on size)., The front of the shirt says “For Boston” with a photo of the skyline, while the back displays the city’s seal with the following message, “Thank you, to all who purchased this shirt. All proceeds go to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombings. Love, Dropkick Murphys.” Through the t-shirt sales, the band has already raised $150,000. The third stage of Dropkick Murphys’ “For Boston” movement will be announced on Monday.

“Innocent people being hurt by terrorists fits the core of Claddagh’s mission, and we are proud to be here, along with you, to be of service to the victims,” the band said in a message to fans on their Facebook page. They also had a special message for scalpers: “If you resell this ticket for profit you will rot in HELL.”

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