Dead Kennedys to play the Paradise

, Staff

Punk legends Dead Kennedys have announced a short run of dates this fall, including a stop at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The band will be performing with Dirty Tactics on Wednesday, October 13. Tickets for the show are on sale now through Ticketmaster for $16.50.

This marks the bands first stop in Boston in a long time due to their touring hiatus as a result of illness faced by both bassist Klaus Flouride and drummer D.H. Peligro. Fortunately, Peligro will be back touring with the band this fall, although Flouride will not. His spot will be filled by Greg Reeves.

In addition, the band will fronted by Skip McSkipster of the Wynona Riders, their third since original singer Jello Biafra left the band in 1998 admist internal band tension and subsequent legal issues. McSkipster previously toured with the band in the UK as well as on the West Coast.

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