Black Country Communion to play Hampton Beach

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Black Country Communion have announced plans to bring their second album, 2, to New Hampshire just three days after its release. The new “supergroup” of sorts, comprised of Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian and Joe Bonamassa, will play the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on Friday, June 17. Tickets for the show, which range in price from $35 to $69, are now on sale through Ticketmaster.

2, Black Country Communion’s aptly titled sophomore release is scheduled to hit stores on June 14, less than a year after their debut album Black Country. Produced by Kevin Shirley (Journey, Led Zeppelin), the new album features singles “The Outsider” and “The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall”.

Led by by Hughes (best known for his work in Deep Purple and Black Sabbath) on bass and vocals, the band features guitar virtuoso Bonamassa, drummer Bonham (of Foreigner fame and son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) and keyboardist Sherinian (best known as a member of Dream Theater).

“On 2, you can hear the band own their music, own their sound, and it is an astonishing musical group unlike any other and they are absolutely the kings of their genre,” Shirley recently told “Each member of the band gets a unique opportunity to shine, but it has the distinct sound that is BCC.”

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  1. Jalen Sonrick says:

    Derek Sherinian is not a founding member of Dream Theater. He replaced Kevin Moore who was previously the keyboard player.

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