BOTCB Profile: Brian Scully Band

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Boston Music Spotlight’s Battle of the Cover Bands returns this spring in a new and expanded format for its second year. The competition continues on Thursday, April 8 with the second preliminary round show. As the competition progresses, we’ll profile each of the participating bands. Here, we profile the Brian Scully Band.

Band Name: Brian Scully Band

Brian Scully: Lead Vocals, Guitar (Abington, Mass.)
Jeff Andrews: Guitar (Braintree, Mass.)
Mike Andrews: Bass (Braintree, Mass.)
Sean Gerraughty: Drums (Hanson, Mass.)


How did you start/form the band? 

The band is an offshoot of my solo gigs. One of the bar owners was brainstorming new ideas for themed nights and asked me if I’d ever be interested in playing in a country band. I’ll admit that when my brothers and other friends started getting into country, I was skeptical, but I listened into a bunch of stuff and found out that – especially in this post-BCN era – it’s probably closer to the rock that I listened to as a kid, than what passes for rock now. So, I recruited my buddies – Jeff (guitar) and Mike Andrews (bass) and Sean Gearraughty (drums) – to fill out the band. These guys have been playing together in rock bands since they were kids, so it was actually pretty easy to put together. We’ve landed a couple of residencies and are starting to make some strides in the country scene.

How did you decide on your name?

Originally, it was Brian Scully and the Country Converts. We were trying to use a name that had my name in it (because that’s what I’ve booked under primarily for the last three years) but that also mentioned country. The name changed pretty quickly, though. We were a finalist for a shot to open for Eric Church on tour (didn’t get it) and we were renamed the Brian Scully Band by WKLB and Jaegermeister before they sent my songs off to Church’s management.

Who are some of your influences?

Well, only a couple of years ago I would have told you that they were decidely un-country — namely the Counting Crows and Hootie and the Blowfish. But, the latest Crows album was pretty country, if you think about it and Hootie’s gone country in a big way.

What song do you most enjoy to perform?

Personally, I love to play Damien Rice’s song, “The Blower’s Daughter,” but I don’t think you’ll hear that one with the country band.

What song do you least like to perform?

I’ll put this one in for Jeff: “Sweet Home Alabama.” God-awful song. Well, that’s not fair.  I’m sure it was good at some point. But I think I’ve heard it mauled too many times by too many bands to enjoy playing it anymore. Jeff’s hatred goes way beyond that.

hat is your favorite local venue?

My favorite venue is the Paradise Lounge. Awesome place to play or see a show.

Who is the best musician in your band?

I’d say Jeff, mostly because I’ve known him longest. But really, if anyone were missing from the band, I think he could step in and play their instrument without missing a punch.

What separates you from other local cover bands?

This easy for us: we’re a country band. But, I think we basically shoot for party music that everyone can enjoy. We like to see people having a good time and there are a lot more country fans out there than you would think. It’s been fun so far.

Why are you going to be the band that wins the BMS Battle of the Cover Bands?

Well, I’ll be honest: we signed up because it seemed like the contest had good, fair rules.  I’ve checked out the other bands and there are definitely a lot of talented acts. I think we’ll win because I feel confident that every time our band steps on a stage, we deliver a great show. The level of musicianship is high, but – at the same time –we know we’re a cover band that is there to have fun. Our goal is to play the music faithfully, but also to capture the spirit of each song. Everybody in the band has at one point (or still) dreamed of playing their own music and landing that infamous record deal. But, I feel like we have a clear line between our creative and entertaining music careers. We play in this band to perform music people want to sing and dance to, not to make it to the big time. At the end of the night, we’re all getting up for our day jobs. My personal feeling is that a lot of cover bands can lose sight of that fact. I think we’re different because we embrace that fact. We set out to have a great time and get as many people dancing and singing as possible.

What else do you have coming up that people should know about?

Well, we’ve got a Saturday night residency starting up at the Abington Ale House on April 10, and we’re at the CabbyShack in Plymouth every Wednesday night through the summer. Also, we’ve got a big show coming up at the Charlie Horse in West Bridgewater, making a guest appearance at their crazy country night on May 20. You can check out the schedule online at

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