Rumble Update: Walter Sickert wins Night #2

, Staff

The Rock ‘n’ Roll continued last night at TT the Bear’s Place with performances from A Wish For Fire, Tijuana Sweetheart and Full Body Anchor. In the end, however, it was Walter Sickert & the Army Of Broken Toys who rocked their way into the semifinal round by winning the second preliminary night.

Led by Walter Sicker (vocals, piano, guitar), The Army of Broken Toys includes Edrie (vocals, accordion, xylophone,), Rachel Jayson (viola, violin, cello), Kevin Corzett (clarinet, saxophone), JoJo the Burlesque Poetess (MC, Poet, Uke), Terrorence TJ Horn (drums), Meff (guitar, mandolin) and Mike Leggio (standup bass). The band earned a nomination for Live Artist of the Year at last year’s Boston Music Awards.

The Rumble will continue tonight with performances from Spirit Kid, John Powhida International Airport, Cult 45, The Autumn Hollow Band. Tickets are $9 and the show starts at 9 p.m.

The competition will break on Wednesday and then continue on Thursday through Saturday for the rest of preliminary round. Winners from each of the nights, along with two Wild Card selections, will move on to the semifinal rounds on April 14 and 15. Along with Walter Sickert & the Army Of Broken Toys, Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents (winners of Night #1) have also booked their spot in the semifinals. The finals will take place Friday, April 22.

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