Getting to Know: The Day’s Weight

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Every week we let a local band tell us about themselves. Today, we get to know The Day’s Weight. You can catch the band’s next performance at Copperfields in Boston on Saturday, January 29 as part of Boston Music Spotlight’s Saturday Night Spotlight Series.

Band Name: The Day’s Weight

Band Members:
Patrick McDermott: Guitar, Vocals (Somerville, MA)
Tim Butterworth: Keys, Organ, Bass Vocals (Brighton, MA)
Jon Butterworth: Drums, Percussion Vocals (Brighton, MA)

Norfolk Sessions (2010, EP)
The Day’s Weight (2010, EP)


How did you form?

We came together after I (Patrick) rellocated from Burlington, Vermont. Tim and Jon are brothers and graduates of Berklee school of music who have been playing in the Boston for a number of years. I sort of found them out of the blue for a release show at The Middle East and it all took off from their.

Who are some of your influences?

Typically, the classics like Neil Young, the Beatles etc… but mainly new indie rock like Delta Spirit, Dawes, Local Natives and Deer Tick.

Finish the sentence, someone would like your band if they like…

… passionate, rockin’ music. And Star Wars.

What has your most memorable moment as a band been?

Opening for one of our favorite bands Delta Spirit at Northeastern University.

Walk us through your songwriting process.

I’ve typically always written simple verses and choruses starting with just banging on an acoustic guitar, then building from there. More recently we have moved towards more band collaboration, bringing ideas to the band earlier and really working together on arrangements and parts.

Who is the best musician in your band?

Tim and Jon are both phenomenal musicians. They are both amazingly well trained. Jon is sponsored by Pearl drums, and Tim is a wizard. He plays Bass in his left hand in this band, and is amazing at it, and can rip like no other on organ and keys. He also will burst into according and keytar solos at times.

What is your favorite local venue?

We have always loved playing the Middle East, but for a more low key venue we love Precinct in Somerville.

What separates you from other local bands?

I think our focus on purely original material, and the approach we have taken to folk rock (a lot like many of the west coast indie bands) has given us a unique sound, especially for the Boston area.

What do you have coming up that people should know about?

We are working on our first full length record that we are super thrilled.

Convince our readers to see your next show.

We absolutely rock out live. The loudest and 3-piece around. Definitely not a show to miss.

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