Show of Hope aims to raise awareness in Lowell

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Rocking for a cause, the local music community will come together tomorrow night for a special benefit concert at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Dubbed the “Show of Hope”, the benefit concert featuring local standouts Air Traffic Controller, Liz Longley and Stefani Bush aims to raise awareness and funds for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.

The benefit is being organized and produced by Bush and Chelsea Hertzog, both of whom live with mitochondrial disease. Mitochondria are present in nearly all of the body’s cells and are responsible for producing 90% of the body’s energy needed to function. Mitochondrial disease is a hereditary condition that causes dysfunction in the mitochondria. When the mitochondria don’t function, organs begin to fail. Currently, there is no cure and no proven treatment. Sadly, 80% of children diagnosed with this progressive neuromuscular disease do not live to age 20.The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation aims to raise awareness about this disorder, promote research in the field and provide support to affected families.

In her daily life, 33-year-old Bush deals with autonomic dysfunction, metabolic instability and chronic muscle weakness. However, she finds comfort and strength in the power of music.

“I believe that music is the universal language,” says Bush. “It can convey the things that words alone cannot. I have always wanted to have an event that paired both my passions (for music and for advocacy/awareness). My best friend, Chelsea and I were talking one night about this and she said she too wanted the same. I approached one of my favorite artists, Liz Longley and asked her if she’d be willing to play for this event and, without hesitation, she said “yes!”. Not long after, I approached Air Traffic Controller and asked them to join us as well, and their response was also a resounding, “yes!”. And so, Show of Hope was born!”

Bush’s debut album, 2010’s Hope Rising: The Journey was inspired by her experience with mitochondrial disease. On Friday, she’ll celebrate the release of her second album, Unleashed. The new release features a collaborative effort with Air Traffic Controller called “Show of Hope”, which should lead to collaborative effort on stage Friday. Beyond all the great music, the benefit will feature $3,500 worth of raffle prizes including autographed memorabilia from the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox, vacation vouchers and gift certificates to local businesses.

Most of all, the Show of Hope provides an fun opportunity for people to learn more and make a stand against a devastating and relentless disease that many are unaware of. As Bush says, “We hope people come out and learn more about the disease while having fun and showing hope!”

For more information on the Show of Hope, please visit the event’s website. Tickets are $35 for adults and $15 for children 12 and under. Group discounts are available. For a chance to win free tickets through BMS, simply drop us an email with “Show of Hope Tickets” in the subject line.

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