Adam Ezra Group to rock for a cause at Ramble

BMS talks with Adam Ezra about the band's second annual Ramble benefit concert

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For local standouts Adam Ezra Group, activism and music go hand in hand. While creating music, the nationally touring roots-rock band has pledged to try and make the world a better place through charitable works and their overwhelming support of non-profit organizations. On Sunday, both efforts will take center stage as the group hosts the second annual Adam Ezra Group Ramble at Showcase Live in Foxboro.

The Ramble began last year at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, raising more than $5,000 for Partners in Health to help their efforts in Haiti. The second edition will raise money to support local food kitchens in New England through Feeding America. The event is so much more than your typical benefit concert, as the band will bus in fans from across New England for a pre-show tailgate party with music, food and community organizations.

We caught up with frontman Adam Ezra earlier this week to learn more about the Ramble and what the band has planned for the event and months ahead.

Boston Music Spotlight (BMS): Tell us about the Ramble. How did it start and what was the inspiration?

Adam Ezra (AE) : We are constantly inspired by our fanbase. We’re also inspired by the activism we take part in through music. Playing events that have a meaning beyond the actual concert is our favorite thing to do. Last year we decided that we would throw a benefit concert of our own, called it The Ramble, and let our fans know that if they gather 20 people together, no matter where they are in New England, we will arrange for a free bus to pick them all up and take them to the show!Crazy idea… I know. But somehow we pulled it off and it was an inspiring experience for all of us.

This year the 2nd Annual Adam Ezra Group Ramble will be held at Showcase Live in Foxboro. Everyone is invited to come down at 4 p.m. this Sunday, where we will have a tailgate party set up with live music (courtesy of the New England Americana Festival), games, food, and a bunch of our favorite local organizations giving out info on ways fellow ramblers can activate throughout the year! At 6 pm we all head inside for the concert!

BMS: This year’s Ranble will benefit “Feeding America”. Tell us about your affiliation with this organization and why you chose them as this year’s beneficiary?

AE: We decided to focus on folks right here in New England this year. For every dollar the Ramble raises, Feeding America is able to provide 7 meals for families in need through local food banks. We’re thrilled to be working with them.

BMS: At the Ramble, you’ll be honoring Chad Stokes and Sybil Gallagher with the first annual “Golden Bus Award” for community activism through music. Tell us about the award and the influence these two have had on you and the band.

AE : We wanted to highlight a musician who inspires us to do what we do; to honor people who exemplify the spirit of the Ramble: empowering community through music. Chad and Sybil have done incredible things through State Radio and the non-profit organization they founded called “Calling All Crows”. Through Dispatch and State Radio, Chad has truly paved the way for independent, grassroots music and activism to feed off of one another and empower change.

BMS: What is your vision for the Ramble in the years to come?

AE: Ha! Takin’ it one day at a time… thrilled that we were able to pull this off two years in a row! I would love to be ramblin’ as long as I am playing music!

BMS: What can we expect from the Ramble and why should be people come out on Sunday?

AE: I know I speak for all of us when I say that the band gets particularly fired up to play for our hometown. The boys and I are fired up for the show. For the AEG regulars there may be a surprise or two, and for first timers, there is no other place I would want you to see us! Beyond that, expect a ton of love scattered throughout all the ramblers as they spend their day hangin’ on buses, tailgating, dancing their faces off and making a positive difference right here in New England for people in need of our help.

BMS: Moving away from the Ramble for a bit – You released an EP, Part 1, last fall with plans to release a full-length in 2011. How’s that going and what can you tell us about the new material.

AE: We have now recorded almost the entire rest of the album. We are thrilled with how it’s coming out!  Our producer, Aaron Johnson has done an exquisite job marrying the spirit of my writing and our band sound with incredible production and composition. Not sure what it will be called yet, not sure when it’s coming out exactly but we can’t wait for you to hear it!

We’re also finishing up an acoustic release as well, which we’re in love with. The album will be called The Portentous Beginnings of Daniel the Brave and beginning in May, we will be releasing 1 track from this album each month. Unfolding it steadily and lovingly over the course of the next year, it’s gonna be a fun ride!

BMS: Outside of the Ramble, anything else you have planned that our readers should be aware of?

AE: Yes! We have tons of upcoming tour plans. As for this area, we will be releasing a bunch of New England dates next week, including a boat cruise with our friends Alternate Routes on the Rock and Blues Cruise. We’ll also be doing a bunch of touring across the country which you can always check out on Facebook or our website.

For more information on the Adam Ezra Group Ramble, please visit Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster for $15.

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