It’s finally official, New Kids On The Block reunite

New album and fall tour on the way for Boston

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Last spring, we exclusively reported that a New Kids On The Block reunion was a distinct possibility after speaking with two group members. Now, almost a year later, the Boston-bred boy band officially announced their reunion on NBC’s Today Show on Friday morning.

Meredith Vieira dropped a red curtain outside the NBC studios, and the now older New Kids On The Block were met with a roaring ovation as the Boston boys hit New York City to officially announce their reunion. In fact, the screaming fans were so loud that the interview was barely audible. They did not perform but did say they would soon return to the Today show for a live performance on May 16.

However, we did learn that the gorup, now all in their mid to late 30s, has been working on a new album since August and they’ll tour in the fall. The tour, which will mark the 20th anniversary of Hangin’ Tough, will feature all five original members – Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Jordan and Jonathan Knight.

"We’ve been recording some songs", Wahlberg said. "We’ve got a great album coming out with new material and we’re very exited for everyone to hear it, we’ve been working really hard on it."

And if you missed their appearance this morning, you can also catch them this afternoon on Kiss 108 FM. The station will also stream video of the interview live on their website.

Of course, we have been telling you for the past year that the reunion would indeed happen after speaking with McIntyre and Wood, who were home for individual solo gigs at the time.

"You know, never say never," McIntyre told us after his show at the Paradise last year. He continued, "You know, where there’s a will, there’s a way and I don’t think I’d be the odd man out… If everyone’s into it, it would be fun I think."

A few nights earlier, after his solo show at Harpers Ferry, Wood also acknowledged the idea of a possible reunion to Boston Music Spotlight. He claimed to have been talking with former bandmate Jordan Knight about a possible reunion. "Well me and him talked about it but it doesn’t mean anything," he said.

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