Saw Doctors continue their adventures in Cape Cod

BMS talks with guitarist/vocalis Leo Moran about the band's new album and more

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The Saw Doctors will return to the United States this week for a brief summer outing in support of their brand new album, The Further Adventures of… The Saw Doctors. The Irish rockers will hit Hyannis today for a two-night stand at the Cape Cod Melody Tent.

For the band from Tuam, County Galway, the venue is a home away from home. Over the years, the Saw Doctors have enjoyed some of there very best shows with a dedicated fanbase at the Melody Tent (all of which, was captured on “Clare Island to Cape Cod”, a DVD of their 2008 Melody Tent performance), and this year is sure to be no different.

Earlier this week, we caught up with guitarist/vocalist Leo Moran to discuss the new album, the band’s love for America and more.

Boston Music Spotlight: You are touring in support of The Further Adventures of… The Saw Doctors – your first album in four years. Explain how the recording process was this time around.

Leo Moran (LM): We did it a week at a time, the first weeks were spent in Rockfield in Wales and the latter weeks in Grouse Lodge in the midlands of Ireland. Each week we’d enter with very little, maybe a song and a half – not a good idea in my book but it worked out well and we ended up at the end of each period with a bit more than we expected.

BMS: Are they any new tracks you are particularly proud of?

LM: We’re all proud of the whole album; the songs are performed and recorded and produced in a very strong fashion. If I had to choose my two favourites, today at least, would be “Friday Town” and “As The Light Fades”.

BMS: The album comes complete with its own comic book. How did that come about?

LM: The concept of the cover was brought up by an old friend of ours, Squiggley McHugh. He thought that a young teenager reading a comic back in the very early 80’s looking into the future of a band that didn’t exist at the time would be fun so in order for the photo to be taken he needed to draw the front and back of the comic as a prop. When people saw it they kept asking could they read the full comic so Squiggley went and did a full 16-pager and people loved the idea. The comic got more attention than the album!

BMS: The core of the band has always been you and Davy. How has your relationship as songwriters and musicians grown over the years?

LM: We’ve always had a lot in common, taste-wise, and we know what makes each other buzz so not much has changed with time really. I think, for myself, as time moves on, I’m more wary of writing songs that don’t work, but that’s not a good thing because you have to write those ones to get to the ones that do.

BMS: You have a very dedicated and loyal fanbase in the United States, especially here in the Northeast. Describe the kinship you share with your American fans.

LM: Most of our gigs in this part of the world, we walk out on stage and recognize maybe a hundred faces immediately. Our fans here are very loyal and very often come to more than one show on a tour. It gives us a strange feeling of at-homeness three thousand miles from Tuam.

BMS: It’s been 20 years since you first played in America – what memories do you have from that first tour?

LM: We did our first gig in Easton, for the legendary Tommy McGann, RIP. We did The Channel in Boston after a teenage metal gig in the afternoon and we spent hours trying to find the venue in Philadelphia, The Chestnut Caberet, confused by the roads I95 and I195, where, when we eventually arrived, Sly and Robbie, who were playing the following night, came into the dressing room.

BMS: This week, you’ll return to the Cape Cod Melody Tent, a venue that you have been very fond of over the years. What makes it so special for the band?

LM: There’s a unique intensity in the Melody Tent, it’s like a medieval event – the heat, the energy, the peoples’ faces in your face, it all adds up to quite an evening.

BMS: While on the road in the US, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have any favorite spots?

LM: I kinda like everywhere we go, or most places anyway. I suppose one of the most things like about touring is getting to eat food that we don’t get at home. In this region, I’ll be aiming at the seafood of course.

BMS: What can fans expect from your two shows in Hyannis this week?

LM: Well I’d imagine that a few people will be coming to both shows so I’ll be saying to Davy when he’s doing the list that the two nights should be as different as possible.

BMS: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

LM: Can’t think of anything I’d need to add, thanks!

The Saw Doctors will perform at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis on Thursday, August 11 and Friday, August 12. Tickets for both shows can be purchased through Ticketmaster for $36 and $54.

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