Stepping into the Spotlight with The Static Jacks

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Every week we like to spotlight a rising band from outside of New England. Today, we get to know New Jersey’s The Static Jacks. You can catch band in Boston when they play the Paradise Rock Club on Tuesday, September 27.

Band Name: The Static Jacks

Band Members:
Ian Devaney: Lead Vocals (Westfield, NJ)
Nick Brennan: Drums (Westfield, NJ)
Michael Sue-Poi: Guitar (Westfield, NJ)
Henry Kaye: Guitar (Westfield, NJ)
Andrew Santora: Bass (Sayreville, NJ)

If You’re Young (2011)


How did you form/start?

The band formed when Ian, Henry and myself (Nick) started playing music together in high school. There was a brief separation period when we all went to college. After we left, we met Mike who joined on guitar. We’ve been rocking in the free world ever since.

Finish the sentence, someone would like your band if they like…

… big, angsty rock anthems and 80’s haircuts.

What song of yours should people listen to first and why?

I think the beginning of the album is a good place to start because we put a lot of thought into the track listing and we wanted the album to have a natural feel to it.

Walk us through your songwriting process.

We write together most frequently. Someone will have an idea and we will all elaborate in my basement. We either do that or we listen to Big Country’s greatest hits and then fake it till we make it.

Tell us a little bit about your latest album.

It’s our first and only full length album to date. A lot of the material is very personal. The lyrics came from mostly Ian and  Nick and they were writing about pretty similar things (thank goodness!). The themes deal with fear of growing up, uncertainty about our future, failed or experimented relationships, lack of belief (god help us!) and the pursuit of young adventure!

What has your most memorable moment as a band been?

When our music was in the jukebox at Frenchy’s in Roselle Park, New Jersey. If you ain’t on the jukebox at Frenchy’s, you ain’t doing nothin’.

What has been the hardest part of building your name onto the national level?

I think just that we’re brand new and that sort of thing takes time. Also, Skrillex keeps stealing our crowd.

Who are the best bands from your hometown that we might not know about?

The Critters! They had a hit single in the 60’s called “Mr. Dieingly Sad” and we want to knock em outta the park.

What band would you most like to open for?

We always get this question so I’ll just list our usuals: Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Pixies, The Cribs.

Who is your all-time favorite Boston band?

The Cars. They were just what we needed. Also, Mission of Burma.

What are your thoughts on playing Boston?

We love Boston. We love all the venues (Paradise Rock Club, Brighton Music Hall, Middle East and Great Scott are all venues we’ve rocked super hard in). It’s just a great city with awesome people who happen to move around instead of being too cool for school.

What can people expect from your live show and why should our readers catch your next stop in Boston?

A lot of energy. We pride ourselves on really giving the audience everything we have. We also use a lot of cardboard cutouts and signs during our shows so that’s exciting as well.

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