Stepping into the Spotlight with Grouplove

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Every week we like to spotlight a rising band from outside of New England. Today, we get to know Los Angeles’ Grouplove. You can catch the band in Boston when they open for Young the Giant at the House of Blues on Thursday, March 8.

Band Name: Grouplove

Band Members:
Christian Zucconi: Vocals, Guitar
Hannah Hooper: Vocals, Keys
Sean Gadd: Bass, Vocals
Andrew Wessen: Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Rabin: Drums

Never Trust A Happy Song (2011)


How did you form/start?

We all met on the island of Crete in Greece one summer.

Finish the sentence, someone would like your band if they like…

… skydiving.

What song of yours should people listen to first and why?

“Itchin’ On A Photograph” because it’s the first track on our album.

Walk us through your songwriting process.

Usually the best songs come fast. You pick up the guitar or play the piano and you don’t write the song, the song writes you. Sometimes a joint doesn’t hurt either…it softens the edges around you.

Tell us a little bit about your latest album.

There’s something for everyone on it.

What has your most memorable moment as a band been?

There’s many, but playing our record release show to a sold out crowd at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City was a big moment for me.

What has been the hardest part of building your name onto the national level?

Having patience and appreciating touring the country, building up fans city by city.

Who are the best bands from your hometown that we might not know about?

Family of the Year, Alex Walker

What band would you most like to open for?

The Pixies

Who is your all-time favorite Boston band?

The Pixies!

What are your thoughts on playing Boston?

We’ve played Boston a few times before, and have always had great shows here. I’m a big history nut and Boston has plenty for me to hang my hat on.

What can people expect from your live show and why should our readers catch your next stop in Boston?

We literally give everything we have on stage, and leave nothing behind.

*All questions answered by Christian Zucconi.

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