Eli Badra: The Best and Worst Songs of 2010

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We asked our writers to weigh in with their thoughts on songs from 2010. Here, in no particular order, are staff writer Eli Badra’s thoughts on the best and worst of 2010:

Ten Songs I’d Like To Hear Again in 2011

“Daddy Fat Sax” by Big Boi: Big Boi’s album was a great work, filled with deep beats and some fantastic rapping. “Daddy Fat Sax” is the album’s first proper song, and kicks things off properly, with a huge beat and addictive chorus.

“Go Do” by Jonsi: The first single from Jonsi’s solo album is arguably the best one of the whole thing. It’s invocative of Sigur Ros, with a glorious, sweeping aesthetic, building into perhaps the single most joyful musical moment to come out of 2010.

“Fuck You” by Cee-Lo Green: What can I say? You want to get a party really going, just get this song playing, and before you know it everyone will be singing along and dancing. The only shame with this tune is that it came just towards the end of the summer, when it would have been the perfect cure for that insufferable July.

“POWER” by Kanye West: The first taste we had of Twisted Fantasy was maybe the best song on the whole album. A perfectly appropriate song for Kanye to sing, complete with a King Crimson sample, and a pretty awesome remix down the line, gives “POWER” enough staying…power…to put it as one of the best songs on one of the best album’s all year.

“The Wild Hunt” by The Tallest Man On Earth: Kristian Matsson does a wonderful job invoking Bob Dylan without coming off as derivative. His somewhat sharper voice and distinct lyrical style earned him a lot of notoriety this year, and the track that starts off his new album is an excellent introduction for those who have yet to experience some nice, basic guitar folk.

“The Battle of Hampton Roads” by Titus Andronicus: It’s suitably lengthy, and wraps everything up nicely, both musically and within the story of the album itself. It’s painfully human and filled with anxiety and doubt. Titus Andronicus know how to stretch an ending, and “Battle” ends The Monitor absolutely perfectly.

“The Violent Blue” by Electric President:

“Suburban War” by The Arcade Fire:

“You Must Be Out Of Your Mind” by The Magnetic Fields:

“Up And Around We Go” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Some Songs I’d Like To Leave in 2010

“We Are The World (25 for Haiti)”: Ego gratification from stars, and didn’t really do much of anything for Haitian relief.

“Paradice” by Lil Wayne: Weezy’s rock debut was probably a bad idea, and the album was pretty universally-panned (appropriately so!). “Paradice” just happens to be the worst song on what’s a pretty poor album top to bottom.

“Don’t Stop Believin’”by the Cast of Glee: I didn’t know this song could be hokey to the point that it becomes unappealing, but I’ve been proven wrong.

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