Boys Like Girls show between the lines

BMS talks with lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni about the band

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The last time we talked with them, Boys Like Girls were preparing for a show at the ICC in Allston (full feature here). My oh my how far things have come. Now the band is opening for the likes of Fallout Boy, topping TRL, and playing the Vans Warped Tour. They’ve also released their first DVD, the retrospective / concert document Read Between the Lines.

Two years removed from the release of their self-titled debut album, Boys Like Girls have been on a whirlwind ride since then. "Everything has been so crazy and so fast," says lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni. "We don’t get to reflect on it a lot." That’s where Read Between the Lines comes in. The DVD takes a look at the life and times of the band, chronicling their rise from local notoriety to the national stage.

For DiGiovanni, the video is about "giving the kids who come out to our shows more insight into us as people." For the band members themselves, who watched the film at a screening, he could only describe their reaction as "an indescribable feeling."

The members of Boys Like Girls aren’t really all that far removed from all-ages church shows, even though nowadays it’s radio station promos and European tours. Powered by singles "The Great Escape" and "Thunder", their debut album went on to sell over 500,000 copies, achieving gold status.

Now, with the DVD out, the band feels that they have taken enough time looking to the past and are instead excited about the future. "When the four of us watched it, it really summed up the whole first record, all of the touring, everything," says DiGiovanni. "And now we’re roaring to write this awesome new record."

Indeed, the band plans to get in the studio shortly after the holidays to get to work on the sophomore album, which is now in the "writing and figuring out" stage. "We have a ton of ideas," says DiGiovanni. "We know each other better, we’re tighter musically."

Two years of nearly non-stop touring helps to form that cohesive musical bond, and it also provides for some of the best moments of the DVD. "All the stuff in between shows, the stupid things on the road – we just die laughing," says DiGiovanni. "Everything our diretor got was real from us. We just lived our regular lives."

That uncomplicated approach also applies to the band in studio. "We just try to write the best possible songs," explains DiGiovanni. "We want to expand off this record and progress, make it even better. Right now we probably have a few pretty well complete, 25 half songs, and 30 riffs."

Fans are hoping that all of those parts coalesce into a welcome whole. The band knows well that pop-rock is there bread and butter, and they have no plans to abandon that format any time soon. After the recording process is finished, fans can expect a brief holiday tour during which the band will debut tracks from the album. Until then, Read Between the Lines will have to tithe us over.

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