Revs in the Spotlight: Clyde Simms

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In this week’s edition of Athletes in the Spotlight, Boston Music Spotlight talks with New England Revolution midfielder Clyde Simms. After seven years with rivals D.C. United, the North Carolina native is in his first season with the Revolution, who are currently 6-14-6 (24 pts.) and will take on the Philadelphia Union this weekend.

Boston Music Spotlight (BMS): What do you like to listen to before a game?

Clyde Simms (CS): Usually something a little more mellow. Earlier in my career, I used to listen to some higher-paced stuff to try to get me pumped up, but then I realized that it wasn’t good to get too pumped up too early for a game. So usually something a little more mellow. Lately before games, I have been listening to José González – he’s a good one before games. He’s probably my go-to right now.

BMS: Do you have any musical talents or do you prefer Rock Band/Guitar Hero?

CS: My first year with [previous team] D.C. United, I realized how much free time I had and I always wanted to learn the guitar. So I went out and bought one and kind of taught myself. And I’ve been playing ever since. I feel like I still need to take real lessons, but I can definitely play a good amount of songs and it’s fun.

BMS: If you were in a band, what would your band name be?

CS: That’s a tough one. It wouldn’t have my name in it. I like some of those bands, but I’d rather have the spotlight on the entire band rather than my name with the band after it. So that’s something it wouldn’t be.

BMS: Which of your teammates has the best taste in music?

CS: I would go with Matt Reis. We’ve had a bunch of discussions about music and different bands and we kind of have the same in taste in music.

BMS: What about the worst?

CS: I don’t who it is, but someone puts their iPod on the iPod dock [in the weight room], but it’s not the best. I’m always a little disappointed when they put their music on. I feel like Kelyn [Rowe] has played some stuff in there before that I wasn’t a big fan of. And I have stayed late and heard what the equipment manager puts on when he does his work, and it’s a little cheesy for me.

BMS: What was the first concert you attended?

CS: Dave Matthews Band. One of my buddies introduced me to them and we went back in high school.

BMS: Any concerts you have enjoyed recently or are excited to be attending soon?

CS: I went to Radiohead at the Comcast Center, and recently System of a Down and Deftones at the Comcast Center. I’m disappointed; I think we’re going to be out of town when Bloc Party is here, coming up in September.

Simms and the New England Revolution will host the Philadelphia Union at Gillette Stadium on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Early attendees will receive a complimentary limited edition Benny Feilhaber bobblehead. Tickets for the match start at $22 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. The Revolution game will also be televised live on Comcast SportsNet.

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