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BMS talks with lead singer lead singer Brian Cag about "Until It's Over"

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Music and concert movies are nothing new. From the old semi-scripted films of The Beatles to more recent behind-the-scenes shows featuring pop-stars such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, movies have even inspired parodies including the classic This Is Spinal Tap. Rising stars Action Item are putting their own spin on the music documentary by giving fans a peek into their journey to the top with “Until It’s Over”.

The five-piece band spent the last couple years recording and supporting many of today’s hottest acts, all while keeping a camera handy. This Thursday, the New Jersey-based pop band will hit Studio Cinema in Belmont to screen “Until It’s Over” for fans in Massachusetts. The special screening will be followed by an acoustic performance and a Q&A session with the band.

With that in mind, we recently chatted with Action Item frontman Brian Cag about the movie, their new EP and what’s next for the young quintet.

Boston Music Spotlight (BMS): How did the filming originally start?

Brian Cag of Action Item (BC): We’ve had tons of footage from the very start of the band. About 5-6 years worth of old footage was thrown into the mix. We’ve always been very adamant about documenting everything, so it worked out in our favor come time for the movie. We filmed all of commentary in Los Angeles over the last month.

BMS: What made you decide to create a documentary out of the footage?

BC: We really wanted to explain our story to our fans, and to those who have yet to hear/understand our band. We are not some put-together band, not saying that is a bad thing at all. However, we felt that our story could really bring our personalities closer to our fans and to the general public. What better way to show off who you really are than to make something the entire world can eventually see.

BMS: Is there any one moment in particular caught on camera that makes you smile or reflect back on that time?

BC: There is a turnaround point in the movie where we get one of our first big opportunities. I don’t want to give it away to those who have not seen it yet, but it was a major event that changed the way our band worked.

BMS: There have been a string of big-budget music/concert documentaries released as of late, most recently with Katy Perry’s. What makes yours stand out from the rest? What do you hope fans will get out of the experience?

BC: This documentary was very targeted toward our fan base. We have such a strong connection to them. You can find many inside jokes and material geared directly toward the fans. This documentary is really for any die-hard Action Item fan.

BMS: You’ve said your always looking for new ways to market the band. Any ideas about what you’ll do next?

BC: Well, I think giving away some of our upcoming ventures/ideas might be a bad idea! However, we have always thought outside of the box. There is no reason to not try to give our fans the best possible experience, whether it is at a show or not.

BMS: What was the recording process like for the new EP? How did it compare to your past experiences?

BC: We had the opportunity to work with some of our favorite songwriters and producers on this record. For instance, Anthony [Li] wrote our new single “Last Day of Summer” with one of his favorite writers Jason Reeves and our good friend Makana Rowan. We really took ourselves away from every distraction for this collection and focused on what we love, pop music. We were very lucky to work with such talented and accredited people on this EP.

BMS: What direction did the new tracks take? Is there any one song that you believe really shows a movement towards what you hope to do more of musically in the future?

BC: We focused primarily on making sure that every song had its own unique, and clear message. Every single track has its own purpose on the record. There is a song called “Brave” that Anthony wrote with our friend Jordan from The Ready Set. It definitely shows what we can do musically now and of what is to come.

BMS: After the documentary screenings, what’s next for you guys?

BC: We are on the “Midsummer Station” tour with Owl City throughout the fall. Our new record should be out sometime in the fall as well, and plenty of other goodies and surprises we are cooking up right now!

Action Item will host a screening of “Until It’s Over” at Studio Cinema in Belmont this Thursday. Tickets to the event, which will also include an acoustic performance and meet and greet session, are $50 and can be purchased online at Fans can also catch the band perform live when they open for Owl City at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Thursday, September 13.

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