Video Spotlight: Best of Kid Rock

, Staff

Kid Rock: a name that everybody knew overnight in the Nineties. Massachusetts can take some pride in his claim to fame, by being one of the first regions to recognize Bob Ritchie’s talents during the Warped Tour when it visited Northampton in 1998.

Fans of Kid Rock have always loved his fusion of multiple genres including rock, hip-hop and country. On Saturday, Kid Rock will bring his “Born Free” tour with Sheryl Crow to the Comcast Center in Mansfield. In honor of the upcoming show, we have put together a list of Kid Rock’s best and and most loved videos. Take a look why don’t you…

“Born Free” off 2010’s Born Free

“All Summer Love” off 2007’s Rock n Roll Jesus

“So Hott” off 2007’s Rock n Roll Jesus

“American Badass” off 2000’s The History of Rock

“Cowboy” off 1998’s Devil Without A Cause

Enjoy the show y’all!

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