Rory Flynn: The Best and Worst Songs of 2009

, Editor-in-Chief

We asked our writers to weigh in with their thoughts on songs from 2009. Here, in no particular order, are Editor-in-Chief Rory Flynn’s thoughts on the best and worst of 2009.

Ten Songs I’d Like To Hear Again in 2010

“I and Love and You” – The Avett Brothers: A beautiful epic-like ballad that soars with emotion. Stunning and brilliant.

“American Ride” – Toby Keith: The big dog of country has fun with the irony of the state of our country and we get to enjoy the ride with this catchy anthem.

“(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” – Weezer: More proof that Weezer may be the kings of building songs with a catchy chorus and beat.

“Magnificent” – U2: Should have been the lead single. This is the U2 we know and love.

“Wild at Heart” – Gloriana: With the help of Taylor Swift, this infectious tune became a mega hit. You can’t help but smile after listening to it. Try it.

“All I Wanted” – Paramore: Haley Williams is little firecracker but she’s also a great singer. Just listen around 2:40 when she’s left alone to sing the chorus with every ounce of her being, bringing this awesome tune to a whole new level.

“Uprising” – Muse: The English rockers are finally conquering America and this is their marching tune.

“Empire State of Mind” – Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys: Frank Sinatra held onto the city’s anthem for more than three decades. Now, here’s an ode to the Big Apple for a new generation from two of the city’s finest.

“Wheels” – Foo Fighters: Awesome tune that had a classic rock feel and filled the void of having no new Foo Fighters album in 2009.

“Little Secrets” – Passion Pit: It’s no secret that the Boston group knows how to deliver infectious danceable songs and this tune is the prime example. As the children’s choir kicks in with the chorus, you can’t help but wanna sing it back louder.

Some Songs I’d Like To Leave in 2009

“Get On Your Boots” – U2: The band delivered a stellar album – sadly not as many people gave it a chance after they picked the worst song for a lead single.

“Eight Second Ride” – Jake Owen: An anthem for red necks or white trash?

“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga: I just don’t understand the whole Gaga craze.

“Sounds Like Life To Me” – Darryl Worley: Sounds like the worst and most overplayed country song of the year.

“Birthday Sex” – Jeremih: Horrendous. Lost for words when asked how the hell this became a hit.

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