BC’s Bluebook Addiction take home the beans

A review of "The Beanpot Battle of the Bands" at the Paradise Rock Club on February 8

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Most Bostonians associate the Beanpot with shirtless, face-painted, riled-up college hockey fans. But, in the past three years, a new Beanpot tradition has begun to take hold, replacing bare chests with rock music, face paint with burritos, and college hockey fans with… well, you can’t escape them. I’m talking about the “Rice and Beanpot” Battle of the Bands, at the Paradise Rock Club on Thursday, February 8.

Boston College’s Bluebook Addiction trounced the competition at the third annual “Rice and Beanpot,” winning a headlining gig at the Paradise Lounge. The four competing bands – one from each of the Beanpot schools – were chosen by their fans via online voting and text messaging earlier this year. The battle also featured a Qdoba-sponsored burrito eating contest, hence the name “Rice and Beanpot.”&

Each band was allotted a 20-minute set to showcase their talent, and the winner was determined at the end of the night by applause. Boston University’s Beautiful Lies kicked off the competition playing music from their upcoming album, which they plan to release this spring. The band played an increasingly high energy set, culminating with the fast-paced song “Say It Yourself”.

The victor-to-be Bluebook Addiction took the stage next, keeping up the competition’s pace with their quick-tempo vocals. “Wait,” the second song in the set, had a punk feel that the crowd rocked-out to The Boston College students finished their set with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean,” which provoked a sing-along from the audience. I feel like it’s kind of cheating to play a cover song at a battle of the bands, but Bluebook put their own flare on the classic, which I guess makes it okay.

The next band, Northeastern’s Bergeron and the Late Greats, had the most positive reaction during their performance. The group played in flashy costumes, each band member representing a “late great” historic figure. Front man Brian Bergeron was dressed as Abe Lincoln, complete with a fake beard and a top hat, and the other band members represented Genghis Kahn, Rick James and Saving Private Ryan. The college-aged crowd easily got into the Late Greats’ relatively mellow music, which sounded like songs featured on "The OC." The band also closed with an upbeat retro cover of Modern English’s “Melt With You.” Luckily for them, the Late Greats’ costumes were so amusing that the audience probably didn’t even realize that the band wasn’t playing an original song.&
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The final performance was given by Harvard’s So Long Princess (SLP), whose lead singer Nate Dern is featured on this season’s CW show "Beauty and the Geek." Dern exhibited his dorky qualities on stage by awkwardly dancing and randomly falling to the floor, but his lack of inhibition made SLP’s performance interesting, if not always enjoyable. SLP also stood out from its competitors because of Dern’s vocals, which were more talking and screaming than singing. SLP’s hardcore fans were dancing as crazy as Dern was during the performance, though I think a saw a few bleeding ears.&

At the end of the night the crowd’s response from Bluebook Addiction fans and So Long Princess fans was incredibly close. The judges had the crowd vote with their feet and move to the side of the room, where the band they supported was. Although Bluebook Addiction was proclaimed the winner, the judges announced that they would try to get SLP a gig at the Paradise Lounge as well.

A few local celebrities were at the show, including Hockey Hall Of Fame member and Bruins veteran Cam Neely, as proceeds from the battle went to the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care. Neely also brought the Stanley Cup. A stand was set up so the audience members could have their photo taken with the trophy.

As for the burrito eating contest, Northeastern beat BU in the final round, perhaps consolation for their 16-year drought in the real game. You know, the boring Beanpot – the one without guitars.

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