A day in the life of an Air Guitarist

How one BMS staff writer got hooked to the art of air guitar in 2009

, Staff

I went to the Paradise on Wednesday with the feeling that I would be seeing the most ridiculous event I’d seen in a long time… little did I know that I would end up being part of it.

After I was talked into entering as a “wildcard” by my fellow BMS and US Air Guitar team members, I was whisked backstage where I was promptly signed in and directed to the booze for liquid courage (like I needed it!). I had to choose a stage name and having just covered the Spinal Tap show recently I went with “The Lovepump”. With a name like that I knew I had to bring the sexy, the only problem was that I came to the show in regular street clothes. Luckily, a fellow contestant let me borrow his American flag bandana and Army fatigue vest, under which I went bare-chested… sexy time!

I waited backstage taking in the sights and sounds until I heard my name announced. My time on stage was such a blur. I felt like Will Ferrell in ‘Old School’ when he blacks out in a moment of brilliance during the debate. Here’s a snippet of the action… I pumped it up with the Darkness’s “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” as the crowd began to believe in an airman called “The Lovepump”. I twisted, thrusted, slid and strummed my way all around the stage in a blaze of glory only to find out from the judges that my technical abilities weren’t quite up to par.

I won’t make excuses for what happened out there, I will only take it as motivation for what I am prepared to do next year- WIN BOSTON”S AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIP! My time as an air guitarist this year may have been short but damn was it sweet! I walked in as Kevin McSheffrey but after one hot minute on the Paradise stage I left as “The Lovepump”. I promise next year will be different. You will all be witnesses to my glory! This is going out to you McNallica, as Clubber Lang said to Rocky Balboa, “I WANT YOU!”

Your Airness,

Kevin McSheffrey

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